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The son of a house painter, Shane Anthony developed a deep technical understanding of the art of painting, brushes and materials throughout his childhood. His father was a master painter whom painted as an abstract painter. During his early years Shane developed an extensive understanding of the archival properties and technical applications of paint, and ultimately a deep appreciation and relationship with the arts.

Shane studied at the University of Western Sydney under the mentorship of Tony Oliver, botanical illustrator for National Geographic. During his acedemic studies, his work was further extended into a finer more detailed practice. Graduating first in course with a high distinction, Shane continued to develop his technical skills by scaling his work up with the use of larger brushes and industrial tools.

Shane's work is identifiable as unique and distinguishable in brush marks, colour and light. Masterful technical execution gives rise to a wavering form constructed with muted washes, accentuated with impasto applications of paint. Chinese painting techniques are evident in his works with major influences being Zao Wou-Ki, Edvard Munch, Claude Monet and Willem De Kooning. Artworks range in size from built environment scales to small wall space works.

A prolific artist with a large volume of works to be released, Shane's focus is towards developing into one of the great Australian Artists, producing a vast series of contemporary iconic Australian artworks that continue the legacy of light within Australian art.




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